The second world youth business conference was held in Beijing



On June 24, 2018, the press conference of the second world youth business conference was held in Beijing

At the beginning of the conference, xu yao, director of the executive committee of the world youth business conference, introduced the main general situation and the founding purpose of the world youth business conference to the guests and media reporters. He pointed out that at present, the world economy is still in the depth of the adjustment, the old and new kinetic energy transformation, industrial structure adjustment into deep waters, but we can see clearly, have no matter how times change, no matter how much rise and fall of nation, green business is always never backward countries in each historical period of time the beams and the development of hope. Should say world conference on green business is going with the development of The Times, comply with the trend of seasonal, aims to build green quotient fate community under the background of economic globalization, the world economic growth and the transformation and upgrading to provide strong power, innovation for the world economic recovery, youth entrepreneurship to build an international dialogue and exchange platform for mutual learning, this is the call of The Times, common aspirations for a global green business.


Subsequently, xing fuyou, executive vice President of the organizing committee of the world youth business congress, answered questions from the journalists on the profound meaning of the theme of the second session, "new era, new youth business, new opportunity". Hepointedoutthatthesocalled new era, because we can see clearly that the green business conference is held in China international business event, must always adhere to the base on China, look around the world. New green, because in the new historical conditions, the party and the government of qing shang group attaches great importance to and give the kindly care, in this context, we should the young entrepreneurs with new look and a new attitude to keep up with the development of The Times required, active integrate the history of national development. In recent years, the private enterprises developed in the early stage of reform and opening up have entered the transition period of old and new, and the children of many old entrepreneurs have begun to take over. At the same time, in the trend of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, a large number of college graduates, returned overseas students, young management technicians and migrant workers choose to start their own businesses. The younger generation of nonpublic sector of the economy has stepped onto the historical stage and shouldered the important task of the era of enterprise innovation and development. Since the eighteenth congress, the party and the government attaches great importance to the healthy growth of the younger generation, all levels of party committee united front work department, on one hand and the federation of industry and adhere to encourage support, stresses the education guidance, have done a lot of work in promoting the younger generation, this is the biggest new opportunity.


Zhangzhong,secretarygeneral of the organizing committee of the world youth business congress, introduced the main agenda of the conference. It is reported that the time of this year's conference is still the same as that of the first conference last year, and the 19th international youth day will be held in Beijing on August 12, 2018. On August 11, all the participants arrived at the conference center successively to handle the registrationandcheckin procedures of the conference. On the morning of December 12, the opening ceremony of the conference, the awards presentation ceremony for the annual figures of xinruiqingshang and world youth business were held to listen to and review the work report and annual plan made by the executive committee of the conference. On the afternoon of December 12th, BBS and project promotion and exhibition activities will be held, andanumberofhighquality projects will be signed by world qingshang investment management co., LTD. The evening of the 12th will be held as usual. On the morning of 13th, the group discussion was held according to the industry classification of the participants, and the participants could havefacetofaceandonetoone communication with colleagues and government leaders from all relevant industries. After lunch on the 13th, all the representatives can return to their respective places.


World conference on green, the executive secretary of the organizing committee Guo Yanjun in response to the securities daily reporter about "green business platform to promote green business world business environment to optimize and promote the entrepreneurial spirit will have what specific measures" when said: at present, China's economic development by high quality development stage of rapid growth stage. Entrepreneurs are important subjects of economic activities, and entrepreneurship is an essential factor of production to achieve high quality development. We should base on the goal of achieving high quality development requirements, strongly stimulate and promote the entrepreneurial spirit, to perfect the related system environment, the better to mobilize the broad masses of young entrepreneurs enthusiasm, initiative and creativity to promote the development of high quality, to develop into a steady stream of high quality energy and motivation. Party's eighteen big since, our country through the solid promote the reform of "pipes", vigorously promote "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation" and other major initiatives, constantly optimize the business environment, obvious progress has been made and results. But from further requirements and standards, high quality and economic development of our country in the excitation system and policy environment and promote the entrepreneurial spirit still exist many problems, also need through deepening reform further improve and perfect the policy. From the external environment, the international and domestic situation of our young entrepreneurs also faces new challenges. Anti-globalization and trade protectionism remain objective. Around in the future, we will pay more attention to and focus on the healthy growth of young entrepreneurs, by conducting business environment survey and data collection, focus on just solve the problem for the development of green business to governments at all levels, we will select business environment is more superior areas at home and abroad, to recommend to our young entrepreneurs to invest in.


Fuqi,directorgeneral of the executive committee of the world youth business congress, introduced the composition of the participants. He pointed out that the world youth business conference is mainly aimed at young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs around the world, generally no more than 45 years old. Such groups in all countries in the world has become a new force to promote the development of social economy across, compared with previous generations of private entrepreneurs, this generation of young entrepreneurs have an enviable highly educated, high starting point, has a broad international perspective and advanced modern consciousness, this is the creation of new brilliant career has laid a solid foundation. Most of the founders were born in the 1960s. According to the survey, private business owners mean age, 63 years in guangdong province, there are more than 6 into entrepreneurs are prepared to give children the succession, can be expected, the next five to 10 years, there will be a large number of enterprises into the seasonal succession in succession. Young entrepreneurs as long as the continuous learning and good at learning, on the basis of predecessors' entrepreneurship to keep pace with The Times, take advantage of young, bold innovation, can truly become a pillar of the society, become the international mainstream era. The world youth business conference and the world youth business club are committed to serving the growth of young entrepreneurs, cultivating a new generation of young business leaders and realizing a better inheritance of entrepreneurship.


Tao na, deputy secretary general of the organizing committee of the world youth business conference and secretary general of global youth business school, explained the registration method and specific procedures of this year's conference. She pointed out that this year, we all accept online registration. Participants can enter the "registration channel" to fill in relevant information and upload photos through the official website of the world youth business conference or the public account of WeChat. After qualification, no bad credit records, we will be issued on behalf of qualification confirmation, and then pay the fee online, the organizing committee will be in time for their name and picture attached as well as representatives of the delegation's real-name certificate. Every participating representative should also fill in the proposals of the conference online. We will deal with them and adopt them in earnest. The proposal of the conference has provided us with the most direct and basic information and data for the conference and the best service. Therefore, we hope that the participants will attach great importance to it. This year, all participants can directly become ordinary members or senior members of the world youth business club and enjoy corresponding rights and treatment. The world youth business club is a global and international club legal person approved by the state administration of industry and commerce. It will work together with world conference on green business, leading China's green business to the world, to develop new international green business rules, the economic globalization under the background of the green destiny community business idea is passed to the young entrepreneurs from all over the world.


Finally, the world conference on green quotient Xu Yao, director of the commission on the conference after the closing series development planning is presented, and stressed that the annual world conference on green business is for the past year green, summary and review of the development of the career, but the next young career new starting point of the new campaign. We sincerely look forward to your continued attention, support and participation in the allround development of the world youth business platform. With "Chinese characteristics, world vision, international standards" and a more confident, calm and pragmatic attitude, we will bring China's youth businesses into the world and make the world's youth businesses pay attention to China.

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