World Youth Business Visit to Shanghai Jiaotong University and Microsoft Corp


During the second session of the preparatory work of the second world youth business conference, the green merchants representatives of the Organizing Committee of the world green business Congress, who participated in the conference, visited the innovation design center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Microsoft Corp Microsoft,which is located in the Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone of Zizhu national, and carried out an in-depth discussion and exchange.


The innovation design center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, as the key construction project of the National Double innovation demonstration base, (ICID-SJTU), is based on the traditional advantages of the Shanghai Jiaotong University and the industrial vitality of the zero Bay International Innovation and entrepreneurship agglomeration area, aiming at building a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary integration oriented to the needs of national creativity and new industrial development. The three linkage platform of cooperation, internationalization and production research and research will be the "center of International Creation" and "incubator and accelerator" for industrial innovation.



Through the detailed explanation of Dr. Zhou, we feel close to the influence and change of innovative design and modern technology on social development, especially when the era of artificial intelligence is coming, we will more fully perceive and realize the convenience brought by "technology creation ecology, innovation leading the future" to our life and work . In the future, the Shanghai Jiaotong innovation and design center will carry out all directional and multi field exchanges and cooperation with the world green business conference and its core section, and work together to build a multi-dimensional construction of innovative thinking training, entrepreneurial power convergence, regional innovation alliance development and international industrial exchange and cooperation, and cultivate a more creative spirit, Innovative thinking design complex talents for the world design industry training professional skills master, for academic research to provide the international frontier technology and experimental platform, to serve as a model for the national "double creation" strategy.


Subsequently, the members of the Organizing Committee of the world youth business conference and the representatives of the green merchants and merchants came to the Microsoft Corp Microsoft, which was located in the Hitech Industrial Development Zone of Zizhu, to conduct interviews and exchanges. The world famous world top 500 leading enterprise, founded by Bill Gate, is based on R & D, manufacture, authorization and provision of extensive computer software services. The best selling products are undoubtedly the Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software which are very frequently used in our daily office.


The idyllic work environment, the modern management system, the whole American enterprise culture, the Microsoft Corp gallop to the business world and keep the vigorous vitality of the youth, have deeply attracted every young businessman present to study. Under the personal explanation of Wang Cang's director, the members of the world youth business delegation visited the main functional areas, such as the office area, conference area, fitness area, Chinese / western restaurant and afternoon tea leisure area, which are generally not easily open to the Microsoft Corp. Through the personal experience of the green merchants, we have made the Microsoft Corp's advanced management experience. The humanistic care and unique corporate culture have a new understanding and profound understanding.



After the visit, the world youth business delegation launched a theme exchange and share in the Microsoft conference hall with the head of the Party committee of the Microsoft Asia Pacific Research Institute and the Zizhu national high tech Industrial Development Zone. In the symposium, the representatives of the Qing merchants first watched the propaganda and introduction of the Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone of Zizhu national, and then carried out a deep exchange and discussion with the relevant leaders of the Microsoft Corp on the construction of enterprise culture and the classic cases of Microsoft in dealing with the crisis of development. Wang Cang, with Microsoft's acquisition of NOKIA, has made a fresh introduction to the development process. Through the Microsoft Corp's attitude and action in dealing with the NOKIA incident in 2013, we have learned a truth that "innovation can lead the future and the special note can keep youth forever."


After the visit, the members of the Organizing Committee of the world youth business conference and the representatives of the youth businessmen expressed that through the exchange and study during this meeting, the international vision of Chinese green merchants was further widened. After the meeting, we should closely combine the reality of its own development and actively conform to and integrate with the new and changing science and technology revolution in the world. We should take a foothold in our duty, look at the world, and do all the work with the spirit of "not waiting for the day and the night" and the dedication of "dare to bear it and give it up". Finally, it will form a strong joint force, and jointly promote the new steps and resplendence of the green business.